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Paratech SPF Hooligan

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This heavy-duty tool was designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency service personnel and saving a life. The SPF Hooligan is a single piece forged (SPF) tool intended to exceed FDNY specifications for their primary hand held forcible entry tools. It is the very first redesigned, single piece Halligan type tool. This SPF Hooligan Tool features electroless nickel plating and a length of 30".

  • Single Piece, closed die Forging for absolute consistent lengths
  • Recessed nail puller type claw, a thin curved profile
  • Thinnest claw on the market designed for better wedging
  • Cable groove at the rear of the tool head
  • Forged carrying strap eyelets
  • Long, sharp, tapered, and gently curved spike to break a lock or latch
  • Electroless nickel plating