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Paratech Percussive Response Tool - PRT

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Item #: 22-000625 PARA

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Designed for fast forcible entry and penetration, the PRT is a powerful hand held rescue tool that can quickly pry open locks and doors in seconds and easily break through brick and concrete block walls within a few minutes.

  • The Slam and Ram action of the PRT directs all of its force at the point of impact, making it safer and more effective than a wedge and sledge. Hard coated aluminum alloy tool bit retainer and locking ring. Hard coated aluminum alloy tube body, with machine grooved, non-slip grip
  • Collet chuck locks the ram bar for storage, and at any length, for added leverage and safety. Ram bar handle with machine grooved, non-slip grip. Ram extends up to 13.6 in for a maximum impact power.
  • A variety of interchangeable tool bits including the forged and heat treated lock breaker and cutting claws, chisel tips, bull point and the penetrator/applicator tip