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Meret MJD Medical Oxygen Cylinder

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Item #: K870MJD MERET

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Meret's MJD medical oxygen cylinder is a large, easy-to-handle cylinder popular among EMS units. The cylinder weighs just over 8 pounds and is just under 20 inches in length. Using the RESOURCE v.2 pneumatic conserving device this cylinder can supply 27 hours of oxygen or just over 57 hours using the SOLO2 pneumatic conserving device. This cylinder can be conveniently transported using the MERET M4003 ECONO shoulder bag or the MERET M4008 RECOVER O2 response bag. This cylinder comes standard with a CGA870 medical post valve but can be fitted with a toggle valve, a "Z" valve, a handtight valve ,a handtight and gauge valve, or a CGA540 valve.