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MSA Cairns 360S Structural Helmet

MSA Cairns 360S Structural Helmet

$271.86 to $337.50
$271.86 to $337.50



MSA Cairns 360S Structural Helmet

Curtis brings you the premium MSA Cairns 360S structural helmet that is designed for perfect use in confined spaces and EMS work. The Cairns 360S helmet is one of the most popular options for structural firefighters who are looking for ultimate protection and best comfort based on the newest helmet technology. 

Designed for Extreme Durability

The MSA Cairns 360S structural helmet is no exception to quality - despite its lightweight design, it comes with features designed for extreme durability in the harshest environments. 

Features include: 

  • High-temperature foam cap that increases impact and thermal protection

  • Rugged, high-temperature edge trim 

  • Non-corroding, high-temp glass-filled goggle or face shield hardware

  • Through-color high-temperature plastic that is resistant to chipping and cracking

  • Nomex or Kevlar earlap for improved ear and neck coverage and protection

  • Adjustable Soft black Nomex chinstrap with quick-release and removal buckle and slide

  • Removable leather or flannel cushion liners

  • Adjustable rear ratchet height for a comfortable and secure fit

  • Adjustable front headband interface that matches the fit of any SCBA mask

  • Available in different colors: White, orange, black, yellow, green, blue and red. 

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The helmet is available in both standard and deluxe configurations, allowing you to customize your protection needs. Whether you’re planning to order new helmets for your fire department or want to replace aging PPE, feel free to shop at Curtis online store. 

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