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MSA Cairns 1044 ARFF Fire Helmet

$894.00 to $909.00
Item #: 1044 ARFF CAIRNS



Trusted by firefighters since 1836. MSA Cairns 1044 fire helmets are one of MSA's most popular styles. The MSA Cairns® 1044 traditional fire helmet has the perfect combination of durability and performance desired by firefighters. Constructed from through-color fiberglass composite material, this high-performance matte finish design resists cracking and chipping.

Both Standard & Deluxe styles include the following features:
  • Patented shell release system retains the impact cap if your helmet is torn off during an incident, shielding you from heat, debris and projectiles
  • Full brim protection with high-temperature edge trim that will not melt or drip
  • Soft black Nomex chinstrap features one-hand quick-release buckle and postman slide for quick removal and adjustment
  • Replaceable and washable flannel, extended flannel or leather liners
  • Three-position rear ratchet height adjust for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Front headband adjusts so it does not interfere with SCBA mask flange
  • 6" Gold-Coated Faceshield
  • CFR Aluminized Bonnet w/PBI/Kevlar Shroud & Nomex Earlap
  • Available in colors: Black, Red, White & Yellow
  • Lime/Yellow Reflexite Trim

Standard Style Includes: 
  • Standard Flannel Headband Liner

Deluxe Style Includes:
  • 1010/1044 Deluxe Leather Headband Liner

Please contact Curtis if you wish to order different feature options than what is available. 
The following options are available upon contacting Curtis.

  • Nomex with Quick-Release 
  • 4-pt Nomex wtih Quick-Release
  • 4-pt Nomex with Quick-Release & Postman’s Slide

Trim Type:
  • Scotchlite

Trim Color:
  • White (Reflexite only)
  • Red/Orange
  • Blue (Reflexite only)
  • Red/Orange
  • Triple Trim (Scotchlite only)
  • Lime/Yellow
  • Triple Trim (Scotchlite only)