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MSA Cairns 1010 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet

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Item #: 1010 CAIRNS

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The perfect combination of durability and performance, constructed from through-color fiberglass composite material, this high-performance, luster finish design resists cracking and chipping. The MSA Cairns 1010 fire helmets are among MSA's most popular styles of MSA Cairns fire helmet for structural and proximity firefighting.

Both Standard & Deluxe styles include the following features:
  • Patented shell release system retains the impact cap if your helmet is torn off during an incident, shielding you from heat, debris and projectiles
  • Full brim protection with high-temperature edge trim that will not melt or drip
  • Soft black Nomex chinstrap features one-hand quick-release buckle and postman slide for quick removal and adjustment
  • Replaceable and washable Nomex or PBI/Kevlar earlap for increased neck/ear coverage and protection
  • Replaceable and washable flannel, extended flannel or leather liners
  • Three-position rear ratchet height adjust for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Front headband adjusts so it does not interfere with SCBA mask flange
  • Available in colors: Black, Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Blue, and Green

Style options include:
  • Standard Flannel Headband Liner
  • Deluxe Leather Headband Liner
  • Yellow or Black Nomex Earlaps
  • PBI/Kevlar Earlaps
  • 6" Silk Screened Eagle Front Holder
  • 6" Carved Brass Eagle Front Holder

Please contact Curtis if you wish to order different feature options than what is available above. 
The following options are available upon contacting Curtis.

Eye/Face Protection:
  • ESS Innerzone 3 Goggles
  • ESS Innerzone 2 Goggles with low-profile hardware
  • ESS Innerzone 2 Goggles with side-mount hardware
  • 6" Gold-Coated Faceshield
  • Amber Tuffshield Defender Visor

Headband Liner:
  • Economy Flannel

  • Yellow Nomex wuth Underchin Extension
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Resistant
  • CFR Aluminized Bonnet with PBI/Kevlar Shroud & Nomex Earlap
  • Black Nomex
  • Black Nomex with Underchin Extension

Front Holder:
  • 6" Silk Screened Maltese Cross
  • 6" Carved Brass Beaver
  • 6" Carved Brass Dragon

  • Nomex with Quick Release
  • 4-Pt Nomex with Quick Release
  • 4-Pt Nomex with Quick Release & Postman's Slide

Trim Type:
  • Scotchlite

Trim Color:
  • White (Reflexite ONLY)
  • Red/Orange
  • Blue (Reflexite ONLY)
  • Red/Orange Triple Trim (Scotchlite ONLY)
  • Lime/Yellow Triple Trim (Scotchlite ONLY)