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Life Liners TP23 Blended Triple Layer Fire Hood

Item #: TP23 LIFL

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  • Content: Head Outer Layer: 20/80 PBI/LenzingFR 
  • Head Middle Layer: 20/80 PBI/LenzingFR
  • Head Inner Layer 40/55/5 P84/Lenzing Fr/Kevlar
  • Bib Both Layers: 40/55/5 P84/Lenzing Fr/Kevlar
  • Weight: Head Outer Layer: 6.5 oz sq yd
  • Head Middle Layer: 6.5 oz sq yd
  • Head Inner Layer: 8.4 oz sq yd
  • Bib Both Layers: 8.4 oz sq yd

  • All Layers 1x1 Rib Knit
  • Stretch: 65%
  • Color: Head Outer Layer: Tan
  • Head Middle Layer: Tan
  • Head Inner Layer Yellow
  • Bib Both Layers: Yellow

Head Design:
  • Style: Separate head with sewn on back and front bib. The back of the head  ends at the nape of the upper neck. The back bib is sewn at this point.
  • Three Layers

Bib Design:
  • Style: A two piece double layer yoke style bib is sewn to the head and forms a neck seam. The front and back bib are joined at the shoulder to form a notched shoulder seam on either side of the head.
  • Layers: Two

Face Opening:
  • Face Opening Sewn with ½ inch elastic
  • Relaxed Measurement: 5 to 5.5 inches
  • Fully Stretched Measurement: Exceeds 15 inches

  • Head Seams: All head and bib seams sewn with flat lock stitch.
  • Face Opening: Elastic sewn to edge with three thread overlock stitch; turned under and sewn with a two needle cover stitch.
  • Binding: One and a half inch binding sewn to hem through folder with a three thread cover stitch to create a ½ inch finished bound hem.
  • Thread: 100% Nomex
  • Labels: FR label. All four label edges sewn to the hood.
  • Certification: Classified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet NFPA Standard 1971 2013 edition.