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JR Fire Tools McLeod

$94.99 to $100.69

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The McLeod sharp, wide head makes it excellent for mowing large amounts of grass with little effort. Works in soft and hard top soils and is great for fire-line construction, trail building/blazing and gardening.
  • True 10 ½” ground-to-blade contact (11” overall width), compared to a 9″ ground-to-blade contact on traditional McLeod
  • 9 ¾“ tall with 4 ¼” of digging depth
  • Scraping/Chopping/Finishing tool
  • Ergonomic hickory handle
  • Proprietary heat treated steel formulation that holds an edge longer and resists chipping
  • All J.R. Fire Tools heads are interchangeable with all J.R. Fire Tools handle/neck combinations
  • 3 sharpened sides
  • 6 tines with indents, help move large debris piles
  • Grade 8 nuts, bolts and lock washers
  • Replaceable head, neck and handle