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JNJ Wall Mounted Roof Prop

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With the use of the Wall Mounted Roof Prop, fire departments are able to conduct realistic training scenarios and simulations of cutting ventilation holes in a safe and controlled environment, using a heavy duty, rugged and self-contained tool.

  • Capable of simulating different roof pitches with winch from flat to 12 and 16.
  • Sizes: 8' tall x 10' wide; 8' tall x 12' wide (Custom sizing available, please contact for more information)
  • Standard hot dip galvanized coating (powder coating optional).
  • Multi-locational: place on drill tower roof, flat wall, or in a parking lot.
  • Safely folds flat against wall to save valuable space when not in use.
  • Allows quick change and replacement of rafter separations with 8 inch minimum on center.
  • Easy pull pins designed for simple rafter replacement.
  • Removable rails for maximum safety while training.