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J.R. Fire Tools Wire Fire Broom 52

Item #: WFB52 JR FIRE

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The Wire Fire Broom 52 Direct Fire Attack / Aggressive Cleaning of Fire Line is excellent for sweeping out fires, cleaning fire lines/trails and removing grass and debris from rocky areas.
  • Weight 7-1/2 lbs.
  • Broom is 12-1/4″ wide
  • Broom height 7″, total height 10″
  • American steel wire broom heads that are tall and push straight
  • Nice weight to dig into deep duff and doesn’t float across material
  • Tall enough to reach over the top of weeds and grass
  • Proper angle that drives broom into the ground for aggressive pushing
  • 52″ handle to keep you away from hot areas of the fire
  • Replaceable broom heads