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J.R. Fire Tools Scalper Head

Item #: SH JR FIRE

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Scalper Tool Head
  • True 10 ¼” ground-to-blade contact (11 ¼” overall width), compared to 9” ground-to-blade contact on standard Mcleod
  • 11 ¼” tall with 5” of digging depth
  • Proprietary steel formulation that holds an edge longer and resists chipping
  • Attaches to all J.R. Fire Tool handles
  • Curved  head, that sinks into ground
  • 3 sharpened sides
  • Interchangeable head
  • The Scalper’s wide head makes it great for moving large amounts of material with every swipe. Use the side to chop small stobs and plants
  • 4 long tines with indents, that help in moving large debris pile