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Iron Fox Flathead Axe


The CurtisDifference

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Skillfully designed and built to dominate the modern fire ground. Bringing the axe back to the forefront of fire ground operations and preserving the tradition of the fire axe in its modern form. Elegant, powerful and destructive the Iron Fox Flathead Axe will revolutionize your view of what a fire axe can do.

The top of the blade is raised higher and pitched forward to cut with less effort and quickly create openings and purchase points. At the tip it tapers to the cutting surface from back to front much like a traditional axe. The edge is ground like a chisel to allow it to withstand much more abuse than a traditional hollow ground axe blade before becoming damaged. As the blade extends downward it sweeps backward to complement the natural arc of your swing, reducing feedback into the handle and delivering more energy to the target.

  • Available in Traditional Tennessee Hickory and High-Performance Black Fiberglass handles.
  • Available handle lengths: 28", 32" & 36"