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Indian Springs Kit C - Chrlorine Instutute Tank Car/Truck Emergency Kit

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The Indian Springs Kit "C" includes devices and tools to contain leaks in and around the pressure relief device and angle valves of tank cars, DOT 105J500W, cargo tanks, MC331, & portable tanks, DOT 51. All items are labeled with a part number, color coded green and are stored inside a durable polyethylene kit box. The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C" is the only chlorine emergency kit for chlorine tank cars/trucks that is manufactured to Chlorine Institute specifications.

Design Features:
  • New design consolidates several traditional C-kit components (10A yoke, 10B block, 10C screw, 10D adapter plate and 10E screws) into one complete yoke assembly, part# 11A.
  • Device #6 and #24 now require only the corresponding hood/gasket combination, yoke 11A, the paint scraper and one wrench, #200C.
  • Yoke 11A is also 20+ lbs. lighter than the previous C-Kit yoke assembly and is stored completely assembled and in ready-to-go condition in a large polyethylene kit box, #151-C.
  • Also includes a new device, #216, to assist in the opening and closing of tank car angles valves. Please "click" on the catalog pricing icon at the bottom of this page for further information on the new C-Kit

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit gaskets molded since 1978.  The Chlorine Institute recommends gaskets be inspected on a regular basis. Gaskets found to be impaired or used in an emergency situation should be replaced. The Chlorine Institute Gasket Guidelines also recommend a maximum 4-year shelf life for all gaskets. 

All emergency kit gaskets are stamped with the date of manufacture.