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Hurst KSV 11 Chain Set 81-67-20

Item #: 81-67-20 HURST

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Chain Set for SP 300E2 and SP 310E2 Spreaders

  • Contain two pulling chains with shortening hooks; each pull chain will be 6.6 ft. (2.01 m) in length.
  • Will contain two adaptor connection chains with a shortening hook on each adaptor chain, each connection
  • Chain will be 3.2 ft (10 mm) in length including the shortening hook. 
  • The connection end of the chain includes an insert locking bolt that must go through specially designed bore on the spreader tip.
  • Chain links will be of an oblong design, diameter of the chain links will be 0.39 in (10 mm).
  • Alloy heat treated steel.
  • Chain set and related components will have a maximum permissible pulling force of 13,500 lbs (60 kN)