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Globe SUPREME 14" Pull-On Structural Boots

$449.50 to $612.63
Item #: 1201400 GLOBE
$449.50 to $612.63



Globe SUPREME 14" Pull-On Structural Fire Boots

It’s easy to feel why these American-made wildland fire boots are so popular among the fire crews that take on the most difficult flames and terrains. It’s even easier to see as an administrator why Globe’s NFPA approved wildland fire boots are relied on by so many departments to get those crews back safely. Engineered for the way you fight fires in the field, they’re designed to offer the comfort that makes the longest days easier to manage while providing superior protection from heat, debris, hazards, and water. 

Globe Wildland Boots

Whether you’re replacing equipment as you go or outfitting the whole department, Globe’s wildland firefighting boots are an uncompromising blend of comfort and quality. Built with the features you’d expect from one of the world's top fire safety gear manufacturers, they’re a great choice from the perspectives of both the crew and command.

  • Areas that need high flexion are made from a softened, tumbled leather to provide excellent movement that still protects the wearer.

  • Constructed from Omaha lining fabric, a CrossTech moisture barrier, and 300g of insulation, the full-height liner protects the feet from heat and water damage.

  • Kevlar is used to protect the moisture barrier, making it less susceptible to cuts and other damage.

  • To provide greater visibility, flame-resistant 3M Scotchlite material is incorporated to provide fluorescent and reflective markings.

  • The Nomex and leather pull straps give a great grip that works perfectly with turnout pants for faster deployment.

  • To make ladder work easier on the wearer’s body, a 3D molded and padded shin guard conforms to and protects the contact areas.

  • Molded heel counters, foot beds, and lasting boards make each size feel like a custom fit while securely holding the user’s feet in place for a sure tread.

  • For toe safety, an NFPA compliant composite toe protected by a Vibram bumper is lighter than steel, doesn’t transfer heat, and is resistant to abrasion damage that’s common when crawling or scrambling.

  • Composite shanks and puncture protection avoid the heaviness of steel while offering equitable protection that provides an extra spring for your step. 

  • The VIbram outsole helps give these boots an athletic shoe-style fit by wrapping onto the leather uppers. Resistant to most common hazards, Vibram keeps the user safe from heat, oils, abrasions and durability no matter how long the fight lasts.

  • Flexible construction that avoids solid welts and ribbing is better for crews that need the extra mobility in the field.

  • Globe’s anti-slip tread is engineered with siping, omnidirectional tread, and self-cleaning lugs to tackle any surface, wet, dry, oily, or icy.

  • Extended size range for better user comfort with a wide-calf model available in all sizes.:

    • Men’s boots are available in full and half-sizes from 5-16, full sizes 17-18, and narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths.

    • Women’s boots are available in full and half-sizes from 5-12 in  narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths.

  • NFPA approved wildland fire boots to standards 1971 and 1992 (Structural Fire Fighting and Liquid Splash, respectively) 

  • A BERRY compliant version is also available.

Protect The Feat, Protect The Fighter

Foot safety is vital to keeping your crews in the field and on the hotspots. If you need additional information about any of our gear, call our customer service team at (877) 488-0469. Order your wildland fire boots from LN Curtis today.

NFPA 1971 compliant (Structural Fire Fighting)NFPA 1992 compliant (Liquid Splash) 
BERRY compliant version available