Globe Footgear Socks

Item #: 1908100 GLO



Globe Footgear Socks

Boots get all the attention, but Globe socks have a role to play in protecting the feet too. Anyone who’s worn a field boot for hours on end can tell you exactly what a low-quality sock can do. It slips and slides, causing blisters, trapping moisture against your skin, and adding pain points you can’t fix until you pull your boot off back at the station. Globe engineered their socks to stand up to the field and provide the perfect pairing for their popular professional boots. 

Globe Foot Comfort

Globe socks are made to help your footgear protect your feet. They give you the breathable layer of moisture-wicking protection that your boots can build on.

  • Uses Globe’s Wick Dry technology, a knitted construction of various fibers with a knotting pattern that moves perspiration away from the skin, reducing blisters and keeping your feet warm and dry.

  • A spandex arch panel gives the sock a better fit around your foot while providing gentle compression for improved circulation.

  • The strong toe-seam lays flat to avoid snagging or becoming an irritant.

  • Uses a dimensional knit construction that “remembers” your foot for a better fit after every wash.

  • The reinforced heel and toe are perfect for extended wear in the harshest environments.

  • Mesh ventilation in the sole allows your foot to breathe, while special cushioning and support keep the foot comfortable.

  • The large Shoe size fits Men's 9 - 12.5 and Women's 10.5 - 12.5 boots and shoes.

  • Manufactured from:

    • 33% Merino Wool for warmth and moisture protection.

    • 33% Acrylic for easy care.

    • 32% Nylon for shape retention.

    • 2% Spandex for comfortable compression.

The Firefighter Sock that fits your needs.