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Fire Axe Inc. 6 lb. Wood Pickhead Axe


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This is more than just another axe. The 6 lb. Wood Pickhead Axe is a work of functional fireman's art that you can swing with power - and pride - for generations to come. The Firefighter Axe may look like a decorative presentation axe, but it's made to be used. Used daily. Used hard. Then proudly passed down to the next firefighter in your family. Today's cheaper machine-made fire axes simply can't compare.

  • 12" total head length fits standard scabbards and axe racks
  • Patented guard extends 1.5" below the head to protect the fiberglass handle against impact during full penetration or overstrikes
  • 4.75" hardened bit can cut through penny nails without losing its razor sharp edge
  • 1,200 lb. rated Fiberglass handle