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EagleAir UN/ISO Cylinders and Air Storage Systems

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EagleAir air storage systems demonstrate commitment to safety, reliability and customer service. Systems are ASME and ISO compliant and are designed to meet customers’ unique needs. Racks designed to protect the valves in compliance with NFPA 1901 are available. Vertical or horizontal storage is available. Call CURTIS to discuss your needs.

UN/ISO Air Storage Systems feature:

  • 6000 PSI working pressure
  • Has just one orifice (service valve)
  • Requires hydrostatic testing every 5 years or ultrasonic testing every 10 years
  • Principal advantages are price and weight
  • Can be installed in either stationary or mobile applications

Systems include:

  • 2 cylinders, 6000 psig
  • Cylinder service valves
  • Safety burst discs
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Bulk fill interconnecting piping
  • In/Out JIC fittings and gauge
  • Wall mount hardware

Options available:

  • Cascade piping
  • High pressure, adj. regulator
  • Low, fixed pressure regulator
  • Horizontal steel rack
  • Vertical steel rack
  • Varying rack capacities: 2, 4, 6