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EagleAir RavenCFS Integrated Breathing Air Compressor System

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The EagleAir RavenCFS is a revolutionary cylinder fill system. Its high-end, technically advanced features offer maximum user efficiency and flexibility with a unique four cylinder fill capacity speeding up the fill process.
Simplified maintenance, intuitive controls, and a noise-inhibiting cabinet create an easy-to-use experience without sacrificing performance.

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  • Integrated System Designed for Against-the-Wall Installation
  • Top Discharge Extractor
  • Knockdown Control Panel Simplifies Service Access
  • Single-Point Access for All Routine Compressor Service
  • Forward Tilt Regulated Fill Control Panel Enhances Visibility & Operator Ergonomics
  • Optional Air Reel Package
  • Versatile Design Allows the Operator to Fill (2) SCBAs while Unloading/Loading (2) Additional Cylinders
  • (4) Cylinder Simultaneous Filling Capacity
  • Unique SwingAway Outer Fill Station
  • AirLock Access Door Design
  • UL Certified Containment Design Fill Stations
  • Recessed Cascade Control Panel
  • Independent SCBA/SCUBA Cylinder Fill Controls