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EagleAir Ranger Air Compressor

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EagleAir Ranger model air compressors deliver strong performance in a full range of configurations. These multi-stage reciprocating compressors have a capacity range from 9.5 to 27 CFM and can be customized with an array of driver combinations, including electric or hydraulic motors or diesel engines. Units can be configured vertically or horizontally, as well as modified for mobile or special use.


  • 3 Phase Electric Drive Motor
  • 4 Stage Compressor Block
  • Side Mount Purification System
  • Interstage Compressor Pressure & Temperature Gauges
  • Air Intake with Remote Connection
  • Formed Metal Appliance Cabinet with Powder Coat Finish
  • High Voltage NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure with Slide-Out Panel
  • Compressor Control & Diagnostic Instrumentation Panel

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