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EagleAir HarrierCFS Trailer Mounted Breathing Air Compressor System

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This versatile EagleAir HarrierCFS trailer-mounted breathing air compressor system features a single-axle, and is compact and lightweight. The HarrierCFS system includes the same basic accessories as the dual-axle AirQuestSMT™ unit, while reducing the weight to approximately 6,400 lbs. and featuring improved maneuverability.  The complete SCBA/SCUBA cylinder fill system includes 6000 psig compressors ranging from 14 to 24 CFM, a customizable air storage system, and a certified containment fill station that meets current NFPA standards.  The GenSet power design offers the flexibility to operate the system in the field or from a central location wired to a fixed power grid.

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  • Mobile SCBA/SCUBA Cylinder Refill System
  • Single Point, Illuminated Operating Control Center
  • Large Gull-Wing Lift-Up Maintenance Access Doors
  • AirLock Design Minimizes Operator Fatigue
  • Aluminum Body and Frame Construction
  • Single-Axle Design
  • Swing-Up Access Door for Shelter from Outside Elements
  • UL Classified Fill Station for Filling 5500 psig SCBA Cylinders
  • Ambient Air Flow Control Design
  • Integral, Top Discharge Extractor
  • EnerGen Option for use as an Electric Power Supply Generator