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EagleAir BlackhawkCFS Integrated Breathing Air System

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Item #: BH08D EAGLE

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The BlackhawkCFS is designed to meet the needs of variable demand fill operations for firefighters and first responders. Its design, based on EagleAir's continuous improvement philosophy, features a two cylinder fill station and the field-proven, 6000 PSIG air compressor.
With carefully thought out organization and ergonomics, this integrated system easily meets the needs of most average-sized departments. The BlackhawkCFS includes features normally found on larger integrated systems.

Call Curtis for detailed specifications and to place an order.

  • Integrated System Designed for Against-the-Wall Installation
  • Top Discharge Extractor
  • Auto Drain Exhaust Filter
  • Optional Air Quality Monitoring
  • Knockdown Control Panel Simplifies Service Access
  • Forward Tilt Regulated Fill Control Panel Enhances Visibility & Operator Ergonomics
  • Optional Air Reel Package
  • Dual Wall Containment Design Cylinder Fill Station
  • Unique Swingway Outer Fill Station Design
  • AirLock Access Door Design
  • UL Certified Two SCBA Containment Design Fill Station