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ESS Striketeam SJ Wildland Rescue Goggles

Item #: 7400235 ESS

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The Striketeam SJ™ features fully-sealed vents for maximum smoke and particulate resistance.  The soft-wicking, open-cell face padding provides all-day comfort. All Striketeam™ goggle components are heat and flame resistant, including the face padding and vent foam, and the lenses provide maximum impact protection and optical clarity. 

The roomy Striker™ frame is designed to fit over most eyeglasses. The one-piece wrap-around strap features the patented ESS Speed-Clip™ system, which adapts to all wildland and rescue helmets and facilitates quick strap adjustment, even with gloves on. 

All Striketeam™ goggles are compliant with ANSI Z87.1-2010, U.S. Federal OSHA and wildland fire equipment performance requirements.  This line is considered Primary Eye Protection by NFPA 1500.