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Highly regarded as a leader in Public Safety aerial solutions, the Draganflyer X4-P is a technologically advanced platform designed for a wide variety of applications. An electric powered semi-autonomous small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) ready-to-fly weight 5 pounds, intended to be flown within line-of-sight by the Pilot in Command (PIC). The aircraft features the ability to automatically take-off and is manually flown and navigated through the airspace. The PIC has the option to fly the aircraft in a GPS assisted mode and with optional Surveyor software, fly automated grids for aerial surveying.

  • Quiet, powerful, brushless custom designed motors
  • Patented quick-release propeller mounting system
  • Powerful on board processor with 11 sensors make the helicopter stable and easy to fly
  • Patented carbon fiber folding air-frame for easy transport
  • Precision tracking and balance carbon fiber props
  • Remote controlled high intensity LED navigation lighting
  • Camera payload is gyro stabilized in the pitch and roll axis for clean stable video and skills
  • Cameras are vibration isolated from both the helicopter and camera mount
  • Digital video down-link system provides detailed imaging
  • Patented folding landing struts