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CrewBoss CAL FIRE Jacket

$341.54 to $375.92



The CAL FIRE Jacket was created to produce better THL performance while enhancing the over all TPP. The new jacket utilizes several performance fabrics to increase protection and breathability, while maintaining a RPP (radiant protective performance) of 10. Certified to NFPA 1977, this light weight garment is a unique interface design approved by CAL FIRE.

  • Patch Pocket located on the front right panel chest area with hook and loop flap closure
  • Tapered radio pocket located on the front left panel chest area with a hook and loop flap closure
  • 2” Reflective triple trim double needle stitched around sleeve
  • 2” Reflective triple trim double needle stitched around front and back panels
  • Hook and loop cuff tabs 2” up from the sleeve hem
  • Two fabric design - lightweight body for THL performance, sleeves constructed of heavier fabric for enhanced TPP (single layer, no liner)
  • Stand up style collar with hook and loop closure
  • The hanger loop located at the inside center back of the coat below the collar
  • The Microphone Tab shall be located on the Front Left Panel shoulder area above the Radio Pocket
  • Zippered front closure mounted on Nomex tape and stitched to prevent direct contact with the body
  • Made with multiple TenCate fabrics to achieve Cal Fire spec