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Council Tool KATool - Kwik Access Tool


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This patented heavy-duty, American-made cutting tool is specially designed to get you into, out of, or through a variety of materials and surfaces—fast. The 16" multi-angled and toothed blade is constructed of tempered #4140 alloy steel, offers a variety of sharpened teeth and edges for chopping, jabbing, tearing, or ripping; and for the push-pull motions required in cutting and probing. The KATool is an ideal tool for firefighters and trainers searching for hidden fires, making smoke inspection cuts, opening interior finishes, cutting cables and wires, removing doors, and clearing windows. 

The KATool features eight unique rip teeth that are precision machined to a knife-edged point. The rip teeth enable firefighters to cut and remove ceiling and wall building materials more safely and quickly than traditional pike poles, hooks and sheetrock pullers. The flat edges of the tool are also machine sharpened for chopping or jabbing through materials 

This unique tool easily cuts through lightweight sheet metal used in mobile homes, warehouses, RVs, trailers and buses. The KATool will quickly open sheetrock walls and ceilings and works well on plaster/lathe, plaster/wire, lath and tongue and groove. It also removes windshields. 

Available in two lengths:
  • Short model: 2 ft. fiberglass handle, "D" grip
    • Overall length: 41"
    • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Long model: 5 ft. fiberglass handle, "D" grip
    • Overall length: 72"
    • Weight: 6 lbs.