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Coastal WEATHERPAK® TRx2 - Tripod mounted with radio

The WETAHERPAK TRx2 offers the performance, ruggedness and reliability you would expect from a WEATHERPAK, but at a reduced price.

The WEATHERPAK TRx2 features an ultrasonic no-moving-parts wind sensor (never needs calibration) professional grade air temperature and relative humidity sensors, and an electronic compass.

The weather data is gathered, processed in the weather station, and then transmitted via UHF radio to a back-lit LCD display and your PC to automatically update plume models (CAMEO/ALOHA, etc).

WEATHERPAK TRx2 can be deployed in less than one minute, by one person-without tools.

  • Automatically updates ALOHA, PEAC, COBRA & other plume modeling software
  • Ultrasonic "no moving parts" wind speed & direction
  • Air temperature and humidity (No barometer)
  • UHF or Spread Spectrum (SS) radio
  • 4x20 character liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Carry-case and tripod bag included