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CleanTex V Blade Safety & Rescue Knife

Item #: RN2 STEBCO



CleanTex “V” Blade Safety and Rescue Knife is a valuable tool for all emergency rescues.  No Firefighter, Rescue working Police Officer, Paramedic, EMS or EMT working should be without. This unique emergency rescue tool features high-carbon steel blades, contoured handle and Dzus Key opener.

  • In one-stroke the precision-ground, high-carbon steel blade makes cutting 10,000 lb. strength webbing quick and effortless
  • Smashing glass is easy and safe
  • Contoured handle and self positioned finger grooves, you can always rely on a secure grip
  • With a simple twist, the Dzus Key tip opens Dzus quick-disconnect fasteners, found on aircraft and other vehicles, in a snap