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Petzl I'D Self-Braking Descender

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An excellent descender for working on rope, the Petzl I’D’s auto-locking feature combines with a

locking position for the handle. Additional safety features include an anti-panic function that stops

the descent if the handle is pulled too far and an anti-error safety catch that reduces the risk of an

accident from incorrect rigging on the rope. The Light Use model has a safety clip on the swinging

side plate that reduces the risk of dropping the device when removed from the rope, such as when

passing intermediate anchors. Maximum descent distance: 660 ft. (200 m).

Working-At-Height / Industrial Rope Access / Technical Rope Rescue. Working at height requires reliable, quality equipment. The Petzl I’D Self-Braking Descender can be used with confidence in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards it falls under. Always use life safety equipment and gear according to the regulatory safety standards for which it is classified and/or certified.