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CMC ResQmax Swiftwater Rescue Kit

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Item #: 564020 CMC

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The Sling Projectile inflates on contact with the water to become a flotation collar for the subject or, at minimum, an easy-to-hold floating ring. The 300-foot 8-mm Polyspectra line floats and has a tensile strength of 9.8 kN. The average launch distance with the sling projectile is 200 feet.

Products included:
  • ResQmax Launcher with Folding Stock
  • Streamline Sling Projectile with 2 spare molded sling burst capsules
  • 300 ft. (91 m) x 8 mm Polyspectra Line with large line container (9.8 kN/2,200 lbf. test)
  • Spares Kit
  • Corrosion Block Lubricant/Rust Inhibitor, 4 oz
  • Streamline Filler Hose Assembly
  • CORDURA®Kit Carry Bag, Red/Black
  • Streamline Nozzle Protectors (pack of 5)
  • CO2 Capsules and H20 Soluble Bobbins (Pack of 5)
  • Operation Manual