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CMC PMP Swivel Pulley 1.1

Item #: 300434 CMC

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The compact, lightweight PMP Swivel Pulley 1.1 is ideal for backcountry use when every packable ounce matters. The rotating swivel aligns the rope with the direction of the pull. By combining the swivel with the pulley, overall system length is minimized, increasing travel. The patented pivoting side plate allows the rope to be quickly inserted.

  • Prusik-minding pulley side plate opens without needing to disconnect the pulley from the anchor
  • Double-detent button prevents accidental opening of side plate
  • Sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency
  • 1.1″ aluminum sheave
  • Works with rope up to 1/2 in  (13 mm)

In addition to rope rescue applications, for the rope access equipment cache or rope access hardware kit in need of rounding out or in need of enhancement, the PMP Swivel Pulley 1.1 can be a quality rope access gear addition.