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CET Skeeter Space Pac Skid Unit

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A tank, a live hose reel, crosslay, foam system, and or patient transport, with a fire pump that can be combined into a single one-piece assembly slipped onto a small truck,ATV, trailer or boat. This unit can be used for flowing water and or foam on a structural fire,car fire, marine fire, wildfire, and confined space fires. This unit is very affective in, parking garages, commercial and industrial buildings, stadiums, arenas, and parking lots. The combination of fire suppression and patient transport capabilities, packs a lot of value into this all poly-unit. It’s “light” and ready to “fight”.

  • 75 fully baffled Polypropylene water tank
  • 6.5hp twin impeller fire pump
  • 70gpm at 10psi, 40gpm at 100psi and 20gpm at 125psi
  • 1.5 gallons integrated fuel tank
  • Lighted control panel
  • 1.5 inch tank to pump 1/4 turn ball valve
  • Multiple outlets manifold
  • 1.5 inch and 1 inch service lines with cap and chain
  • Stoke basket area
  • Open storage compartment
  • Enclosed storage compartment

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