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Bullard on-scene Decon Cloths for protection against the toxins you don't see. These Decon Cloths are formulated with the latest CDC-based decontamination science to remove potentially cancer-causing chemicals.


  • Uses the latest CDC-based decontamination science that sweeps away heavy metals like hexavalent chromium, lead, and other toxins from the skin
  • Extra-large (10” x 15”) cloth lets firefighters and first responders cleanse away toxins for an all over body clean
  • Cloths are biodegradable, paraben free, latex free, and alcohol free
  • Designed strong and won’t tear to withstand the demands of firefighting
  • Carries a 5-year shelf life and is proudly Made in the USA

        Sold by the Case or Box:

        - Each Case contains 12 boxes of 20 individually wrapped cloths. Total of 240 individually wrapped cloths per case (equals $1.43 per cloth).

        - Each Box contains 20 individually wrapped cloths (equals $1.43 per cloth).

        Clean These Body Areas On-Scene with Bullard Decon Cloths:

        • Wrists and forearms
        • Hands and in between fingers
        • Jaw and neck
        • Face, head, ears and nose
        • Underarms and groin, if necessary

        Bullard proudly supports the Firefighter Cancer Support Network with a portion of the proceeds from every Decon Cloths purchase.