Bullard Decon Cloths

$28.50 to $342.00



BULLARD Decon Cloths With Decontamination Science

Fire departments are required to ensure that all firefighters are protected from cancer-causing contaminants as well as un-seen toxins that they may be exposed to in their line of work. Curtis brings you Bullard decon cloths to ensure the safety of your firefighters and search and rescue personnel. These decon cloths come formulated using the latest CDC-based decontamination science to get rid of any cancer-causing toxins and chemicals. 

Premium Safety and Functional Features

  • Backed by the latest CDC decontamination research

  • Gets rid of heavy metals like lead, hexavalent chromium, and other toxins from the skin

  • Available in extra-large sizes - 10” and 15” to ensure easy cleaning 

  • Biodegradable, latex-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free cloth

  • Strong design that doesn’t tear and ideal for the demands of firefighting

  • 5-year life shelf - made in the USA 

  • Each case contains 12 boxes of 20 individually wrapped decon cloths 

Bullard Decon Cloths helps clean different body areas:

  • Hands and in between fingers

  • Wrists and forearms

  • Face, head, nose, and ears

  • Jaw and neck

  • Underarms and groin, if need be

Embracing a Safety-First Approach 

As an established full-service fire rescue gear and equipment company with a nearly 100-year history, we know that firefighter safety is always a priority. That’s why we embrace a safety-first approach by offering you the widest range of firefighting PPE and equipment so you can protect the lives of those who dedicate themselves to saving other people’s lives. 

Order the Bullard decon cloths with CDC-based decontamination science at Curtis.

Bullard Decon Cloth Features:

  • Uses the latest CDC-based decontamination science that sweeps away heavy metals like hexavalent chromium, lead, and other toxins from the skin
  • Extra-large (10” x 15”) cloth lets firefighters and first responders cleanse away toxins for an all over body clean
  • Cloths are biodegradable, paraben free, latex free, and alcohol free
  • Designed strong and won’t tear to withstand the demands of firefighting
  • Carries a 5-year shelf life and is proudly Made in the USA

        Sold by the Case or Box:

        - Each Case contains 12 boxes of 20 individually wrapped cloths. Total of 240 individually wrapped cloths per case (equals $1.43 per cloth).

        - Each Box contains 20 individually wrapped cloths (equals $1.43 per cloth).

        Clean These Body Areas On-Scene with Bullard Decon Cloths:

        • Wrists and forearms
        • Hands and in between fingers
        • Jaw and neck
        • Face, head, ears and nose
        • Underarms and groin, if necessary

        Bullard proudly supports the Firefighter Cancer Support Network with a portion of the proceeds from every Decon Cloths purchase.