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Break Free CLP Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative

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Originally developed for the US Military, Break Free® CLP® is an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant solution for firearms, available in commercial and MILSPEC formulations. Manufactured from the highest-quality polymerized synthetic oils, plus special, friction-reducing, anti-wear additives, the formula does not deteriorate under high temperatures or extreme pressure. More than a superior lubricant, CLP cleans firing residue and other contaminants from the bore, moving parts, and exterior of firearms while simultaneously reducing friction and protecting from corrosion. Break Free CLP is the gold standard formula for one-step cleaning, lubricating and protecting firearms. 

  • Performs in temperatures ranging from -65˚F to 475˚F, and after saltwater immersion
  • Reduces metal-to-metal wear by protecting treated surfaces with an advanced boundary film
  • Does not deteriorate under high temperatures and extreme pressure - other brands may contain wax-based materials that will degrade and solidify into a gummy residue
  • Displaces and loosens residue and contaminants from bearing areas
  • Protects metals with special rust inhibitors