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BlackJack Helmet Flashlight Holder

Item #: BJ005 BLACK JACK
Limited quantities, only 2 available.

The CurtisDifference

Our CommitmentTo You

The BJ005 is the newest member of the Blackjack family. The BJ005 is designed to allow the user to remove a light, use it in hand and reattach it easily to the helmet with a gloved hand during fire ground operations, no tools necessary. The BJ005 still incorporates our PATENTED under the brim, multiple points of contact, line of sight design found in our other Blackjacks.

Made from BlackJack's proprietary high temperature thermoplastic and is adjustable and works with most round lights from 2AA, to tactical including rechargeables. The new BJ005 is the result of years of testing, and listening to customers.

  • Allows for removal and reattachment of light to helmet with one gloved hand, no tools needed. 
  • Adjustable, fits most round lights from 2AA to large tactical.
  • Underwater Kinetics: Nitex eLED rechargeable
  • Pelican: PM6 3320, and 3330
  • Streamlight: Polytac & Polytac HP
  • Surefire: G2D F/R, G2X F/R, G2X

*Not recommended for knurled, metal bodied lights as the knurls will impede the release function of the BJ005.