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BlackJack Full House - Helmet Flashlight Holder

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The FULL HOUSE model Blackjack is a combination of the extremely popular BJ001 (now discontinued) and BJ002 models. The Full House will accommodate all the same lights that the BJ001 (4AA/2AA lights from Pelican, UK, Streamlight), and the BJ002 (Streamlight 4AA Pro-polymer™) did, as well as the new 3/4AA Streamlight Haz-Lo™. The Full House will also work with round lights from Pelican, Streamlight, Surefire and others up to 1-1/8” in diameter, making this one of the most versatile mounts ever created. The Full House will still work on either Modern or Traditional style helmets. The Full House was widened slightly to improve stability on the helmet, while still keeping the patented design that allows for multiple points of contact with the light and helmet. The Full House has all stainless steel hardware with an additional set screw at the light interface for improved light retention with reduced marring to the body of the light. Next, a hex key was incorporated into the body of the Full House in a design that was first pioneered in the BJ005. Finally, the back of the mount was skeletonized to reduce the overall weight. The result is a mount that is Better, Stronger and Lighter than its predecessor.