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H.K. Porter 24" Industrial Grade Center Cut Cutter

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Item #: 0190MC HKP
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The H.K. Porter 24-inch industrial grade bolt cutter is perfect for general use industrial jobs and plant maintenance work. Its center-cut blades have slightly rounded cutting edges that are beveled on both sides, which broadens the variety of cutting uses for this tool. The unique toggle joint design of the handles turns 50 lbs. of hand pressure into 4000 lbs. of cutting force.
  • Drop-forged precision ground, alloy tool steel jaws with center-cut blades
  • Cut materials up to Brinell 455 or Rockwell C48 of hardness
  • Lockplate keeps jaws from loosening
  • Toggle joints turn 50 lbs hand pressure to 4000 lbs of cutting pressure
  • Screw-type adjustment realigns edges
  • Steel handles with rubber grips
  • Joint multiplies the handle pressure into 80x the cutting power
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • NEVER Use Any H.K. Porter cutters on electrified circuits, wire, or cable!
  • Cuts soft and medium materials up to 7/16 in thick or hard materials up to 5/16 in