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Anchor Industries Training & Practice Fire Shelter

$180.40 to $187.74

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Reusable practice fire shelter system for training in use of M-2002 fire shelter. Same size and dimensions as M-2002 fire shelter. Includes the carrying case, case liner, polyvinyl bag and practice shelter. Forest Service Spec 5100-611. Available in regular (9003020) and large (9003021).

**This item is not fire-resistant and should not be used as a fire shelter 

Regular Fire Shelter Complete

  • Size: Regular
  • Deployed size: Length: 86"; Height: 15-1/2"; Width: 31". 
  • Regular set details:
    • Fire shelter
    • Nylon duck carrying case and carrying case plastic liner 
    • Forest Service Spec 5100-606B
    • New-generation fire shelter provides increased protection from radiant and convective heat in wildland firefighter entrapment situations. (NFES #0925)

Large Fire Shelter Complete

  • Size: Large
  • Deployed size: Length: 96"; Height: 19-1/2"; Width: 33".
  • Large set details: 
    • Large-size shelter designed for firefighters taller than 6'1" or whose girth exceeds 53" at any point. 
    • Provides better protection for larger people by allowing less contact of the shelter material with the occupant's body and provides more air space between the shelter and occupant. 
    • Easily identified by the orange deploy strap. Forest Service Spec 5100-606B. (NFES #0975)