Curtis Care

L.N. Curtis & sons commitments continue after the sale with our after-market support program.


Curtis Care product awareness and information programs help our customers prepare to use the tools and equipment they purchase from us.

L.N. Curtis & sons is fully staffed to handle product awareness and information about all the equipment we sell including fire, police, emergency and rescue equipment as well as personal protective equipment, air management equipment and heavy rescue.

Product Awareness Teams

  • Personal Protective Equipment Team
  • Law Enforcement Team
  • Rescue Tool and Extrication Team
  • Air Management Team
  • Water Flow Team

Equipment Repair
& Maintenance

Curtis Care equipment repair & maintenance helps protect your investment and safety by providing service to extend the life of your equipment.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Rescue Tool EquipmentHurst Jaws of Life, Genesis
SCBA EquipmentSperian, Draeger, OHD
Compressor EquipmentEagleAir, Bauer, Mako
Gas Detection Equipment3M, Sperian Instrumentation, Industrial Scientific, Draeger
Small Engine RepairHonda, Briggs & Stratton

PPE Cleaning,
Care & Maintenance

Curtis Care's PPE cleaning, care & maintenance is provided by ECMS which specializes in the inspection, cleaning, and repair of personal protective equipment used for structural, wildland, industrial and aviation fire fighting as well as elements used in EMS and USAR applications.

ECMS, Inc.

ECMS, a NFPA 1851 Verified Independent Service Provider, is recognized by major turnout manufacturers including Lion Apparel, Globe Manufacturing, Morning Pride, Sperian Honeywell, Fire Dex and many others.

Product Specialty Catalogs

Invaluable reference catalogs for gear and equipment compiled
for quick and easy product browsing. Illustrated and packed with details.

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Wildland Firefighting Equipment
  • Rescue Tool Equipment
  • Mobile Emergency Response & Training Equipment

Select one or more catalogs and we will email the download links to you.


L.N. Curtis & sons delivers high quality products, prompt and professional service and no-hassle transactions.

We are the premier provider of fire fighter equipment, police supply, tactical gear, emergency response equipment, and wildland fire fighting equipment since 1929.

For more than 80 years, our founding principles have not wavered. We remain a family owned business committed to providing superior Tools for Heroes® backed by excellent customer service for all first response professionals.

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Firefighters Bookstore™

Firefighters Bookstore®

An outstanding online resource for books, videos and software for emergency responders. Find complete IFSTA training materials; workbooks and study guides for the various emergency responder positions; CDs, DVDs, novels and many gift ideas.




Many products are available through the following contracts:


ECMS, Inc.

ECMS, Inc.

An NFPA 1851 Verified Independent Service Provider specializing in the inspection, cleaning and repair of personal protective equipment. We have on-site service facilities at most L.N. Curtis & sons locations and in Las Vegas, NV. Pick-up and delivery service provided at certain locations.