North Butyl™ - Unsupported Gloves B161 Smooth Finish
North Butyl™ - Unsupported Gloves B161 Smooth Finish
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Product description

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North Butyl™ Rubber gloves offer the highest permeation resistance to water vapor, gases and toxic chemicals. Also resists oxygenated solvents and most oxidizing chemicals. These gloves are designed to provide both tactile sensitivity and manual dexterity.

  • Highest permeation resistance to gas and water vapor for greater worker protection, especially when handling toxic substances
  • Highly resistant to ketones (MEK, MIBK, acetone) and esters (tricresyl phosphate, amyl acetate, ethyl acetate)
  • Flexible and sensitive, even at lower temperatures
  • Curved finger and hand design provides a better fit for greater worker comfort
  • Smooth/rolled bead Grip/Cuff
  • 11"/16 mil Length/Gauge
  • Sizes: 7 - 11
  • Color: Black


North Product Numbers:
B161/7 - Size 7
B161/8 - Size 8
B161/9 - Size 9 
B161/10 - Size 10
B161/11 - Size 11

Shipping weight: 1lb