MSA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
MSA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
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Product description

MSA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)

The MSA Military Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) delivers the world's most advanced ballistic and impact head protection, with unsurpassed comfort for long-term use. The helmet's low-profile design reduces the risk of interference in target acquisition and ensures compatibility with NVGs (night-vision goggles), MSA's CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear) Gas Masks, and MSA's communication devices.

An innovative suspension system of movable comfort pads (which are attached to Velcro strips on the inside of the helmet) provides customized sizing and superior comfort. The sized pads conform to the shape of your head to distribute the helmet's weight evenly and comfortably. Simply adjust and move the absorbent pads for a flexible, personalized fit.

  • Ballistic-resistant Kevlar® shell
  • Four-point adjustable chinstrap retention system
  • Seven-pad adjustable suspension system.
  • Instruction manual

Ballistic Resistance
  • 9mm, 124 grain, FMJ @ 1450 fps, backface < 12 mm

Fragmentation Resistance
  • 2 grain RCC @ 4075 fps
  • 4 grain RCC @ 3450 fps
  • 16 grain RCC @ 2425 fps
  • 64 grain RCC @ 1700 fps
  • 17 grain FSP @ 2150 fps