Safariland Second Chance® Prism® Series PS1.0
Safariland Second Chance® Prism® Series PS1.0
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Product description

Second Chance® Prism® Series PS1.0 (pictured is the APEX Carrier)
Spike Resistant Correctional Body Armor

Second Chance's Prism Series provides stab protection for the corrections market. Lightweight and flexible, the Prism Spike Series features Twaron® Microflex® corrections material and is offered in three protection levels: PS 1.0 for Spike 1 protection; PS 2.2 for Spike 2 protection and; PS 3.0 for Spike 3 protection.
The PS1.0 provides Spike 1 protection within the corrections market. It is certified under NIJ Standard 0115.00 for E1 strike energy at 17.7 +/- .36 ft.lbf. and an overtest of 26.6 +/-.44 ft. lbf.

Key Features:
  • NIJ Standard-0115.00 Approved
  • Trusted corrections armor as part of the Second Chance® legacy
  • Stab protection for the corrections environment
  • Spike 1 protection level
  • Lightweight and flexible utilizing Twaron® MicroFlex® corrections material